Willows diary


today we were dropped off by our aunt at the Traralgon train station but there were no trains going so we went on a free bus to southern cross station then got straight on a train and went to flinders street station and transferred to a different train on the Sunbury line to get to Ginifer. Once we finally got to Ginifer we got picked up by our friend sally and taken to her house for dinner, we had sausages, burgers, salad and chops then a pavlova and a couple lamingtons for dessert. When it was finally time to say goodbye Marley ended up crying. after going through customs we went straight to our gate where I called a close friend of mine to say bye, but about 3 minutes into our conversation we were boarding our flight. When it was finally time to say goodbye Marley ended up crying. after going through customs we went straight to our gate where I called a close friend of mine to say bye, but about 3 minutes into our conversation we were boarding our flight. The flight was at 10.45 but we ended up off the ground 30 minutes after we were supposed to because of loading baggage and putting fuel in the plane. I was sitting by myself while mum, dad and Marley sat together, we got our food at about 12:45 in the morning and by the time we were done it was 1:30 so we all slept as we could.


We had 6 hours in Kuala Lumpur airport and we spent it in the food court which was fun. The plane ride was uneventful I just sat and listened to music.When we got into Kuala Lumpur airport we went to the food court and I had an iced chocolate from Mcdonalds cause I wasn’t hungry, but later on I got hungry so we shared a meal that consisted of roast chicken, rice, bean sprout soup but the beans weren’t in the actual soup so you had to add them yourself which was awesome cause the beans tasted just as good by themselves. We had 6 hours in Kuala Lumpur airport and we spent it in the food court which was fun. The plane ride was uneventful I just sat and listened to music.When we got to Kuta we had a driver from Harris come and pick us up, once we got to our room we spent the rest of the time in here then we went for a walk to find somewhere to eat and found this amazing local food place that sold so many different foods, we ended up getting a crispy chicken, sweet and sour chicken, lamb and veggies, chicken fried rice and chicken with a whole heap of superfoods in it.


The hotel has a transport vehicle to the shopping centre and beach so we got it to the shopping centre then went to the beach where we sat down to enjoy a drink then we were harassed by salespeople so we left and Marley ended up crying while we were walking back, then we got ice-cream and went home. For dinner, we went over the road to a local restaurant and it was different to any restaurant I’ve been to, they had all the food lined up and you just pointed to what you wanted then sat down and ate, each meal is about $1.70 and it’s whatever you choose plus rice


We went to the beach again. and sat down for a while before Marley decided she wanted to learn to surf so she did that for an hour whil I got a henna design done on my hand. Then we went to a huge supermarket and got some groceries and breakfast. We went to a place called Frankensteins where we watched a 3 shows 2 dances and 1 singing, i thought the dancing show was better than the singing but the lady who sung had an amazing voice, the food is rather expensive so we went back to the restaurant over the street.


We went to the beach again. and sat down for a while before Marley decided she wanted to learn to surf so she did that for an hour while I got a henna design done on my hand. Then we went to a huge supermarket and got some groceries and breakfast.


We got up in the morning and went to the hotels buffet breakfast and was there for like 45 minutes then had one of the workers tell us that we had a driver waiting for us in the lobby so we quickly left then dad remembered he had booked a temple tour for us and had thought it was the day after. So we went on the tour and went to 2 temples which were the Taman Ayun and Ulan Danu which were very pretty. We also tried Luwak coffee and many other coffees and teas and went on a swing that went over a cliff and looked over all the rice fields, it was an amazing view. We were going to go to a rice field and a 3rd temple but it started raining heavily so we couldn’t go. The rain ended up almost at the doors at one point. we then got home and went to the restaurant across the street.


We had breakfast and then went to the hotel room and did nothing special. we had a work day were the only thing we did was answer emails, write posts, finish diaries and make YouTube videos. then we went to the restaurant we went to on the first night and I had a vegetable and lamb stir fry.we had another work day but they needed to clean so we went over the road to a bakery and got a black forest cake and 2 little cake things. The black forest cake was gross, it was the first black forest cake I didn’t want to finish but the other 2 were nice.


We went on another temple tour with putu this time. he was an amazing guide and we had so much fun. we went to 1 temple which had monkeys that touched my hair, tried to get my phone and tried to grab my hand sanitiser, it was scary. The temple was gorgeous and they had a ceremony on so it was interesting to look in on that. we had dinner with putu then said goodbye and went back to the hotel


Today we went to Ramada sunset road by Wyndham. we ended up sitting in the lobby for a while as we got there too early. We went to our room and got changed to go for a swim in the lagoon pool, after that Marley and I sat in the room for a while mum and dad went to a freeflow thing they paid 18 dollars for. While Marley and I were sitting in the room she got bored so she went for a swim on the rooftop pool, while I enjoyed being alone I went and found mum and dad and sat with them watching them drink and act weird because of the alcohol. We had a really nice bartender named Ketut who also we think made a mocktail which as lemonade and lime that mum thought had alcohol in it and then we got told it was for me. After this, we had the seafood buffet that didn’t really have much but we tried it as like dad says, if your by the ocean eat the seafood.


Today we went to Waterbom after having the buffet breakfast at Ramada [which was very nice]. I spent most of my dad in the lazy river but went on a couple waterslides with Marley, it was fun and I got some really pretty pictures of some frangipanis that were laying around. We had burger king for dinner as we wanted to see how different it was from Australia even though we have hungry jacks, also heads up its not that different.


we didn’t do much today we only went to Wurang pak hadi which is the restaurant we went to on the first night and met this adorable little girl who we played around with.


today we went to Ubud, it was like a 2 hour drive from Kuta. We went for an early dinner at 4.30 at an Italian restaurant down he street which was delicious.


we had a tour with Bali customized tours Which was AMAZING. We went to one of the famous Balinese gates and got quite a couple photos, hen went to some rice terraces in the north of Bali. The rice terraces were gorgeous as we climbed through them, we went down to a waterfall well, only mum and i did but our guide went down with us and we got some amazing photos. You could tell how unfit we were as there were about 700 steps down to the waterfall and back mum and i were almost dying when we got to the top then there were more stairs. We then met some people that took us on motorbikes to a nice restaurant where we ate and went on the famous Balinese swings. We then got a ride in the rain on motorbikes up to the car we were driving in and ended the tour by coming home to ubud and getting room service because mum and i were almost dying.


today we went on a walking food tour with Ratih as our guide. at the first shop which was a coffee shop, I had a vitamin c boost juice with orange, apple and mint in it. the second place we went we had babi guling or suckling pig, it was honestly the nicest pork i had ever had. third place was chicken, i didn’t really like the chicken it was too spicy for me. fourth place was dessert, mum and i had Balinese caramel cake which was the best cake I’ve ever had. We then had dinner over ther road


we didn’t really do much today, we went to the market and bought a couple of things but then came home and swam in the pool then had dinner.


we didn’t do anything today only swimming and working but we had dinner at umah pizza down the street.


today we went to Tirta Emple, a temple where you enter a pool of water with fish and go under about 9 fountains. the temple is gorgeous and there were 2 other ponds one with crystal clear water with fish and the other had koi. The exit was hectic there were stalls everywhere. When we got home we walked to a restaurant and had fried chicken, Asian veggies, chicken curry (my favourite) and sweet and sour pork. After dinner, Marley and dad went home but mum and I went to a fire dance. It was amazing and so so cool.


today we didn’t really do much, Marley was really sick so we didn’t go out for dinner we got take out from umah pizza.


Today we flew to Jogjakarta from Ubud. We got picked up at the airport by a zest employee named Tommy, they then brought us to zest, the hotel we were staying at. we had dinner at Nagoya, a Japanese fusion restaurant over the road; I got friend rice wrapped in an omelette.


Today we went to the Sultans palace; it was so pretty the water was some of the clearest water I’ve ever seen and I got some amazing pictures from the palace. After the sultans’ palace we went to mariboro street mall and had a look around, but we got lost and couldn’t find the escalator to get down to the first floor. Later that night both Dad and Marley didn’t feel too well so only mum and I ate out we had a look around and there was one restaurant we were gonna go too but then it had a dead chicken or duck hanging up so we went back to Nagoya.


today we moved from zest to Jogja village and Jogja village was like the prettiest hotel i have ever been too, there were plants everywhere and there were small waterfalls, it was awesome. For dinner we went to the bistro at the hotel and I had grilled chicken with pasta carbonara.


Today we woke up at 5 a.m to go to Borubador and Prambanan. Borubador is the biggest Buddhist temple in the world and was absolutely gorgeous early in the morning, there was mist everywhere making every photo look awesome; when we were leaving we got stopped by a group of students so they could practice their English, they were really nice but then all hell broke loose; we left the students to leave but then a huge group of people came up to me asking for photos I said yes so it took us about 20 minutes for them to finish; it ended up taking us about 45 minutes to leave borubador. We then get to Prambanan and get asked only by a small number of people for photos but Prambanan was also very very pretty. when we went back to the hotel we had dinner at the bistro again.


oday was our last day at Jogja village so we didn’t do too much Marley and I swam then at dinner i had the carbonara again.


Today we left Jogja village to go on an 8 hour train to Bandung which took up all of the day; when we got to Bandung we had to wait 20 minutes for the car that would take us too our air bnb. Our air bnb was alright until I had to sleep on a fold out mattress of the floor then we found out there were no other blankets to put on my bed so we booked two nights in an Ibis hotel that took 1 hour to get there; once we got there we had dinner and while we were waiting Mum and Marley fell asleep; for dinner I had a club sandwich.


today we tried to find a mosque but didn’t go in because we weren’t properly dressed so instead we walked around and ended up going to Starbucks, i got a caramel frappucino with chocolate pudding, mum and dad got iced coffees and Marley got an iced chocolate. We then walked around a little more then went back to the hotel. For dinner we went to pizza hut, it was my first time sitting down in a pizza restaurant but instead of pizza i got spaghetti Bolognese.


today we left ibis and went to holiday inn which is just down the road. we left our bags at ibis and dad got us a grab to the park where we caught a bus that went around Bandung when the tour was over we went to the geological museum; the geological museum was awesome it had a whole heap of dinosaur bones and human bones and information about the geology of Indonesia and minerals and they had cooled lava and huge geodes, It was like every one of my job choices in one museum dedicated to just these things. For dinner, we were invited to a celebration for Chinese new year, they had lion dancing and then a buffet with some delicious food; The dinner was so well presented and there were carvings in melon.


today we had breakfast at holiday inn then went to Lembang where we went to the lodge, the only way to describe the lodge would be an Instagramers paradise; there was a fake air fake hang gliding, you could go on bikes across a rope and even more; the whole place was just for the photos. The next place we went I hated, absolutely hated, there are no amount of words to describe my hatred of this place; its called the fairy garden its a kids thing Marley wanted to go to, while I was walking around I saw a sign saying petting zoo and because I love animals I was like ANIMALS and was super excited; but when we got there it was terrible, there were bunnies cooped up in cages that were only just bigger than them while other bunnies were running around playing; and then the part that affected me most, there were horses without water in any of the stalls I got a cup and gave one of the mini ponies in his stall some water he drank all of it, I then went up to the 2 bigger horses and gave them some water but they couldn’t drink properly because they had a bit in their mouth also while watching a lady ride one of the horses around one of the WORKERS who looked after the horse threw ROCKS at the horse; I was horrified at the way they treated the animals! the next place was a floating market that looked awesome Marley and I went on a boat around the market but Marley decided it was a good idea to try and embarrass me by shouting out hi to everyone she saw which was really embarrassing most people at least waved back but I was just shouting out I’m sorry to everyone. Then we left to go back to the hotel where we went for dinner and i had calamari and chips.


today we only went to cha time a bubble tea shop where we each had a different drink i had a strawberry smoothie with pearls, dad had a chocolate mousse tea with coffee jellies, mum had a Taiwanese mango tea with fruit jellies and Marley had a mango smoothie with fruit jellies.


today we took a train to Jakarta from Bandung, the train ride was awesome, the views were some of the prettiest i’ve seen, then we went to the hotel we were staying at. Mercure was amazing we got an amazing greeting that consisted of listening to 80’s music and they played a bts song and they gave us a photo frame with a picture of us. We then went to dinner which was provided by Mercure, the dinner was almost $200 but it was Japanese teppanyaki and it was awesome.


today we got up and had breakfast which tasted awesome and there was such a variety because it was a buffet. At about 10:50 we walked to the gondola and went on that for about half an hour then went to the hotel for a while but soon after went to Sea World, we were supposed to go to sea life but dad didn’t realize there were 2 aquariums; the aquarium was awesome and we got to stick our hands into a thing and have fish eat the dead skin off our hands and I got to touch sharks and sea turtles, there was only one problem with the aquarium, they didn’t have the right water flow in the jellyfish tanks, you could see the marks of where jellyfish had hit the bottom or sides and died. We then got dinner at the hotel which was again free where we got a buffet and actual food, I had a delicious satay and mum and dad had steak.


today we left Mercure which was sad because I really wanted to stay longer and everyone was so nice and actually called us by our actual names instead of miss or Mr but we went to Swiss-belhotel; the rooms were really nice. for dinner, we got KFC which was fine but there were some really cute cats that were hungry so I gave them some of the chicken, one was pregnant as well.


today we went to the national monument and got some awesome photos, some people asked for photos while a couple “discreetly” got photos of Marley and I; they try and get photos all the time like that and think i don’t notice I always notice, like i don’t care if you ask for a photo but they think there being discreet and there not which is what annoys me. then we went to the old town where we walked around and when we went to the cafe we were recommended we got stopped by a whole heap of students to practice their English with us and got a whole heap of pictures then finally got to the cafe we had soft drink and ice-cream then got a grab back to the hotel and for dinner we went to Aunties kitchen and i got a beef soup with beef, bean sprouts and noodles.


today we didn’t do much we packed up and sat around doing some work. for dinner we went to Aunties kitchen again and i got a beef soup which was kinda gross so i ate most of the vegetables that we ordered as a side but mum ended up swapping my meal with hers.


today we flew from Jakarta to Singapore; I’ve been to Singapore a couple of times and this is the first I’ve ever left the airport. We went to our hotel and settled in. We had dinner at Paulaner for dinner and had pork knuckle for dinner, it tasted awesome considering we haven’t had pork in ages.


today we went for a walk and found a small temple and looked around. we then later caught a taxi to Little India and had Indian for dinner then walked to the mall we went to last night then got a taxi to the gardens by the bay and watched the light show; It was so pretty and everything I wanted to see and more, I had wanted to go to the lights for ages so this was a dream come true. we then got a taxi to the Singapore Flyer; it was good and the views were awesome but it was kinda boring and I kinda just sat in a corner looking out the window. we then got a taxi back to the hotel.


Today we moved to a different holiday inn express. After settling in we went to bounce Singapore, it was really fun; we spent 2 hours there, mum and dad even bounced around which made it even more fun.


Today we went to the zoo; we had breakfast with the orangutans which was awesome, they were so cute; we then walked around after the breakfast ended and saw some adorable animals; my favourite ones were the reptiles, my friend got me into reptiles when we were younger and i’ve loved them ever since; there were two really big snakes a cobra, and a ball python and they were gorgeous but like they could probably swallow me whole. But there were sloths and lemurs and they were all so cute.


Today we caught a 6 hour bus to kuala lumpur; we went to our hotel and had dinner there but we only bought one key and marley had it when she went back to the room so we had to get a worker to scan a card to let us go up.


Today we went on the KL hop on hop off bus and did a couple laps on that it was actually pretty boring you just sat there and had nothing to do, they didn’t even really have any information on the areas we were going to.


Today we went to the batu caves and climbed up 300 steps to get to the top. It was awesome and i expected it to be harder than it was but it was pretty easy. We went out for dinner to a street famous for its chinese and thai food.


Today we went up the petronas towers and got toured around for a while; there were some amazing views. After going up we went to the science museum they had and spent about 3 hours in there; it was kid themed and had a lot of experiments, it was awesome!


Today we flew from KL to langkawi.


Today we walked around and i found some seriously adorable bag accessories while mum and dad looked at alcohol.


Today we walked to a supermarket and bought food and drinks. Then we went to a night market for dinner.


Today we went on boat cruise around the islands of langkawi; it went for 4 hours and was so much fun we had music playing and we got some awesome pictures we got dropped off at a beach and marley swam for a while and built a sand castle. We had an awesome lunch while on board.


Today we went on a jet ski tour that lasted 3 hours mum drived while i was on the back for most of it besides this one part where i was allowed to drive; i almost flipped us over twice but it was super fun. Our tour guide Tong was awesome and we had so much fun even though we ended up pretty sore afterwards.


Today we worked until the afternoon when we went on a sunset cruise with some of the guys we actually had seen on a boat on the day cruise we were on with a different company. I got some amazing photos with the help of one of the crew members. We had an amazing time while on there and talked with some awesome people.


Today we are having a work day and are not doing too much.


today we moved ocean residences. It was really nice and there were a family of cats living there. For dinner we went into town.


today we stayed in, i played with the cats and did a little work. for dinner i had bolognaise and satay.


today we went on the langkawi cable car. it was really high up and mum didn’t like it that much; we also went to a 3d art museum which was awesome. i made some friends after I posed for some pictures with them and saw them repetedly throughout the day.


today we left ocean residences which was sad because i had to leave the cats; they were adorable but i missed one more than the others whichwas the dad he would come up to my door every day and let me pat him so it was sad to leave as he was still meowing at me as we walked away. we flew to penang and walked around searching for dinner and found a local shop that had a roti store out the front.


today we walked around looking for street art in george town. the art was amazing but in some of the weirdest places; we the walked to a ghost museum and went through there, nothing jumped out but i was ready for something too, because of european attractions like that i was scared of something being around the corner everytime. it was really cool and had many different themed rooms.


today we went to the biggest buddhist temple in malaysia, there were a couple temples and a pagoda. It was gorgeous and there was a HUGE statue of the godess of mercy. They had a turtle pond filled with turtles of all sizes! We also tried dragon beards candy which was amazing!


today we went on a walking tour of george town; we saw a 2 temples, beach street and church street, parliament, little india and railway station; it went for an hour and a half.


today we moved to mercure amd had dinner at there, i had bee hoon and it was delicious some of the best food we have eaten on our trip.


today we went to escape penang well part of it we only went to the water park part but we spent all our day there. My favourite attractions were tied between the dive show which was awesome and ak discovery which was just a really deep pool that marley and i spent agess in. Afterwards we met with some of mums blogger friends and had dinner


today we went to the top which is like a tall building with a whole heap of things in it. There was a skywalk, the luckiest chair in the world, zombie outbreak, jurrasic research center, aquarium and so much more; when we went home i had bee hoon for dinner again


today we didnt do much just worked


today we flew from Penang to Krabi. We got a grab to Oscar Villa. For dinner, we went to a shop close by and had dinner.


today we went on a sunset boat cruise. It was really fun we went snorkeling and saw a sea snake, sea slugs, clown fish, clams and other animals. for dinner we had some thai food and swam with bio-illuminescent plankton. then got transported to the dock and the got a grab back to the hotel.


today we went to Ao Nang beach and walked around a little, got a sundae at burger king then went home. I decided to sit by the pool and take some photos. For dinner, we went to the shop next to the one we went to last night and ate there.


today we went back to Ao Nang beach and mum and i sat by the water as marley and dad swam, we sat there for a while then decided to get a sundae at burger king and went home to sit by the pool. We went to the place we went to the 2nd night.


today we stayed at th hotel, i swam and talked with a friend over skype. We went to the same place as the 3rd night.


Today we drove to city hotel and checked in. We walked over the road and got some chicken. We then went for dinner at the market and just got some random foods from the stalls.


Dad and i went for a walk to get a sim card for his phone and some alcohol. Then spent the rest of the day relaxing.


today dad and I went for a walk down the river and saw some sculptures of fish and dolphins then didn’t do much else for the day we went to a temple and took some photos then got ice cream and went to the walking market for dinner


today we went on a boat tour. We went canoeing and island hopping to james bond island and a muslim island where we had lunch. The best part was canoeing and we had an amazing local with us the entire time. for dinner we went to the market over the road again


today we spent the day at home but went out for dinner at a restaurant in themarket that made really nice food.


TOday we didn’t do much i did some research but otherwise spent the rest of the day watching cartoons. we went to a market by the river.


today we went to bangkok and sat at the airport for a while and got burger king then got a taxi to our hotel and sat in the lobby for a while and went for a swim. We then went for to a market and had hot pot for dinner.


today we took the MRT and the bts to the shopping district and looked around for a bit. we then found mo&mochi an ice-cream shop and ended up with the 10 scoop ice-cream it was awesome there were so many different flavours of ice-cream to choose from and it was delicious even though we didn’t finish it.


today we went on a food tour and tried duck rice, stir fried pork, guava, leaf wrapped things, fish ball soup with noodles and wonton, curry and sour soup with chilli on the side, green custard buns, chocolate cake, shrimp and ginger biscuits, honey and lime sorbet and green curry. we then got a taxi back home and marley and i swam around for a while.


today we haven’t done anything we sat around and looked at our phones and laptops for a while but we are going to the market for dinner.


today we went on a tour to 2 temples, a floating market, a train market. we saw a giant reclining Buddha, the floating market was about 2 hours out of the city. It wasn’t to good i mean it was called Bangkok city tour and we were out of the city the whole time..



today we went to hellfire pass on a tour, we also went to the death railway and walked along there for a while; it was really interesting to hear a different side of what happened to the Thai people, we had an awesome lunch, some amazing coffee, great dinner and 2 amazing guides


today we went to the main stop of the MRT and had dinner there i had fish ball soup which is just fish cooked into a ball with seaweed and beansprout then went to maccas for ice cream in a pancake, then i had to get a motorbike from the MRT station to our hotel to get the buggy to pick us up.


today we went to the summer palace, Ayutthaya, another temple and some ruins of a temple. it was really cool walking through the ruins in Ayutthaya, we even got blessed while at one of the temples by a monk then walked around temple ruins and got lunch before a very long drive home where I slept almost all the way home.


today i got my haircut and we tried Michelin bib pad thai


today we went to the museum and walked around their for ages then got a boat back to the bts station then went on the MRT.


today we went from Bangkok to Chiang Mai on a bus for 10 hours


today we went to ANOTHER temple (if you couldnt tell im kinda over temples) and walked around there for ages and marley got lost.


today we went on a ATV tour, i didn’t have enough faith in my parents so i went with the staff and ended up with hugeee bruises on my hips because of some hard plastic that was at my hips.


today we did our first border run which included a 10 hour bus to mae sai then went for a walk to the border and spent about 2 hours in myanmar. then we had pork steak and chips and went to our motel for the night.


today we went home.


today we went to the zoo it wasn’t very good apart from the panda but the animals were cute and i was able to see a sun bear.


today we went to elephant nature park and walked around with elephants for a while then at 2:30 Marley and dad left to go home and mum and i stayed we saw the heard come back from the new project and i almost had my phone taken by and elephant, i also got to play with cats; the elephants were adorable and dinner was good


today we got up at 5:45 to get ready for breakfast so we could walk with the head to the new project at 7:30. we walked to the new project and fed the elephants bananas and saw some of the other elephants and walked back while listening about the plans for the new project, we got a break and I went to walk a paralyzed dog that didn’t wanna go back. we then went and fed 3 elephants; we made soft food for the older elephants to eat because they have no teeth after that we fed them and it was time to say goodbye to apple our tour guide and the rest of the group.


today we went to another temple that is an important pilgrimage site that’s made out of pure gold; it was pretty but it was hot so we didn’t stay long.



today we drove from Chiang Mai to Chiang Mai the drive was alright I mean it was like every bus ride. We got there 2 days before Song Kram so we went and got burgers and AMAZING it tasted so good.


today we went to the white temple which was built in the 90’s it was pretty cool when you’re going over the bridge to actually get to the temple you walk through hell yes hell; you walk over a bridge with hands coming out of the ground below. Then we went to a cat cafe and played with cats for like an hour.


Song Kram started today so we spent the day playing with water and throwing with people.


we spent another day playing with water but also went down a walking street that was filled with people throwing water and they put like baby powder and water mix on your face but like everyone has such cold water cause there is an ice factory that everyone goes and buys ice from.


today we went to the border of Thailand and Laos and stayed in a hotel that had no one else in it


today we started our journey in Laos we got dropped at the border filling everything in and went over the friendship bridge and got picked up by the tour guide with 4 others. we were taken to the boat we would spend the next 2 days on. We stopped at a village where dad put his drone up; the kids hadn’t seen a drone before so they were in wonder and kept crowding around dad looking at it and looking at the controls as dad was trying to take pictures. We then got back on the boat and stopped in a town for the night


today we got back on the boat and were on it for ages we had lunch which was delicious and then got off at a whiskey village and the adults had alcohol and then we went and saw a 170-year-old tree and a temple then got back on and went to caves that have like 5,000 Buddhas then finally got to Luang Prabang.


dad and I went out to watch the monks walk along the main street excepting rice and other things then after wards we had breakfast and then ages after that we had dinner with some friends from Chiang Rai who were in the same hostel as us.


dad and i went on a bike ride in the morning to put up the drone and passed a cafe so we went in and had a brownie and a fruit mixed juice shake thing then had breakfast and then wayyy later we had dinner at a fancy restaurant it was yummy.



we went on a bike ride and went to a traditional dance for dinner; the food was amazing and the dances were really good.


today we went to a waterfall that was a while out of the town and swam around for a bit then an english student named dasher came up to me and we talked for a while ad organised to meet up later at the market. We met up and talked for a while with some of his friends and marley came every once in a while to annoy me. we then moved to sit down somewhere and talked some more.


today we helped out at an English school in the evening that dasher went to so we talked for I think almost an hour and then we went to dinner then I went to the market and saw dasher and we talked a little again and said bye to everyone I had met and went back home to pack


today we went to vang vieng and the hostel wasn’t that good the water we had to ask to be turned on and there were cracks and holes and geckos in our room


today we went to a place called the bakery and i had a slice of cake well it was supposed to be a cheesecake but it wasn’t and a hugeeee drink. then it started raining and then it started hailing so we sat in this restaurant with a group of waiters as we waited for it to calm down.


we had breakfast at the bakery and we had reallyyyyyy big sandwhiches for breakfast and a blueberry drink.


I had banana pancakes for brekkie this morning they were yummy.


today we went to vian tiane by bus and went to this really nice hotel but it had barely any hot water. We then went to a supermarket down the road and got heatable meals and ate that then we went back to the hotel and then mum dad and i went to look at some food they had on the corner so we got some pork and ice creams.


today we went and applied for chinese visas which took us like 10 minutes then we had to wait 2 days for them. we then went for a walk to see an arc at the end of the street after getting ice cream which was delicious.


today we went to the cope museum, it was really interesting to learn about the bombs that were dropped on laos and like how many are like still out there; if your in vian tiane go its free but you can donate all donation go to fixing the museum and buying prosthetic legs for people at the rehab center its in.




we moved hotels to a fancy one near the mekong and had dinner there; i had a really nice fish with veggies (you have no idea how much i missed cauliflower and broccoli).



there was this huge lightning storm at the end of the day.


today we left laos 🙁 and came back to thailand over friendship bridge 1.



we left for bangkok



we got to siem reap


we went to the national museum to learn about the khmer empire


today we woke up early to go watch the sunrise over Angkor wat we didn’t have too much of a sunrise because of the clouds but the sky went pic and made for some really nice pictures. All the locals called the area Angkor waaat; we were wandering around and it wasn’t as impressive as I thought it would be maybe because everyone talks it up but I dunno it just wasn’t as nice. after visiting Angkor wat we went for lunch then drove to the next temple; on the way we stopped and went through a bridge that had different people lining the bridge the whole way until the gate. the next temple was nice and we got some nice shots of the area because most of the temple was ruins we then went to the maze runner temple and looked around there got some nice shots then went home.


today we had a different driver which was the first drivers brother; we went to the first temple and sat there for a while ecause we were the only ones there then got back on the touk touk and went to the next one wich was a small temple pretty far out of siem reap; we then went to a butterfly far and saw many species and i held a stick insect (there was also a moth the size of my face in there). we then went to a bomb museum and learnt all about the bombs america dropped on cambodia.


today we went to the circus! its the first time ive been in years so it was really fun and the storyline was very intruiging; we watched an act called “white gold” and it was Amazing!!!


todayy we went to the maze runner temple for our last dayy and walked through there and then went to the temple we visited on the 2nd day first and watched the sunset then went home.


we met up with some people for dinner and played with some cute little kids.


we went to battambang today


today we went and saw the killing caves and the bat caves and then had dinner.


today we went to phnom phen and then went to the hospital for dad


today we went to the hospital again for dad, he got kidney stones


today we went to the killing fields and prison, it was really interesting but very sad; our tour guide was alive during the time and added parts of her own story into it, at the prison it was very graphic having skulls and pictures of tortures, People dead and their pictures when they came and left (most didn’t leave alive). The killing fields were interesting as we got an audio guide and walked around listening to stories, in the middle there was a giant pagoda you could go into that was filled with skulls; the skulls had how old the person was and how they dies (such as gunshot, bamboo stick to the head, toxic gas etc.)




today we went to the plantation and omg it was AMAZING it was so pretty and absolutely stunning. Later in the afternoon we went on a cruise and saw some really pretty views of the city and had some chicken skewers,



i went to Saigon today in Vietnam by bus


we went on a really fancy dinner cruise where i wore a longer of the shoulder floral dress and Marley wore a floral long dress; it was really pretty, Marley danced and played the xylophone with the people that played music at the front


we went to the post office after waiting for a hop on hop off bus and went to the war memorial; while at the war memorial marley helped a vietnamese student learn english and ended up leaving me with him while she went and looked around.



today we went on a motorbike food tour we went to so many pretty places and had really good food we brought the 2 females on the tour some roses and they got us a flower it was so nice.


today we went to the cu chi tunnels (i don’t know how to spell it) we learnt about traps and how they lived we also ate tapioca and hot jasmine tea



we went to danang by plane today





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