Kuta is a famous area in bali known to have many tourists there every year! Every-one says (most people) Don`t leave the hotel room or only go to the beach, But what is that beach really like, the Famous Kuta beach. What is it like, here today I tell YOU! The truth of Kuta beach.

Is Kuta beach dirty??

I have to admit that Kuta beach is very filthy! Kuta beach Has many lids, plastic containers and wrappers, coconuts and etc! It makes it the most filthy beach I have been to in my whole life! No matter where you go there will be a piece of rubbish, the reason for this is that I found most of the rubbish is in a river I was near which obviously leads to the ocean! So that makes it a bit upset, I had really high expectations for the beach but the rubbish made it a huge bummer!!

How expensive is Kuta beach?

Kuta beach has many different markets and stores either liked or on the beach! I had a surfing lesson and it was 200k = $20 AU dollars its pretty well priced! There was people who offered drinks and a place to sit, they were amazing as I wanted to go for a swim but my parents were so confident to stay on the shore! All you needed to do was ask for a drink then they open it for you and add it to the price!

Why would you want to go to Kuta Beach?

Kuta beach is a very nice,white sand beach! You can relax there all day if your okay with people bombarding you! Also there are many shops and markets including a shopping center in the local district! There are many drink stands there that you can have drinks at. You also will be able to swim in the beach a very famous Icon in Bali!

This is what I personaly think and there you have it Hope you enjoy , Bye!!!

About the Author

Marley Wyld is 10 years old and currently travelling the world with her parents in 2019-2020. Marley hates most food and loves watching youtube.

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