Number 10 !!! Enchanted adventure Garden !!

The Enchanted Adventure Garden is located on the Mornington Penisula! We had a lot of fun on their awesome tree surfing program! You can go on levels and zip line off it at the end! I only went to level 2, But there are more levels to be explored By the Wyld Family, It was amazing.  Willow and I  went on an extra 2  two zip lines for $10, it was so fun we went to the fountain and lake. We also went on tube slides down a hill !! But there is so much more there!

Willow and marley on a climbing platform on the tree surfing couse

Number 9!!!! Ice Slide Melbourne! (In July School Holidays!)

The ice slide is located on Southbank Near Eureka Sky deck! The Eureka sky deck Owns the ice slide to get into the family Spirt !! You get a tube and you get to lift it up the stairs, Then you wait your turn and a person will push you down the slide! It is so fun. I got Mum a.k.a Bec to go down the slide with me !! Hehehe !! Then there is a brunch cafe where you can eat at !! This was amazing!

Number 8 !! Moama Discovery park, The water park!

The Waterpark is right next to the pool and the kangaroo jumping pillow !! The water park is small but best things come in a small package!  It has  2 water slides, and a whole bunch more !! You can always just hang around and have fun playing in the sun !!

Marley at the waterpark with a big red water slide and pool

Number 7 !!! Buchan Caves !! 

Buchan caves have a series of adventures and POOLS! We went in the fairy cave there was bends and low spots. Some I nearly even had to crawl and I’m short. You can have a bbq and stay camping or in a cabin !! There is an information desk where you can get souvenirs from !!

Number 6 !!! Maffra Moter Museum !!

If your kid is into cars well… This place shows you see motorbikes and cars all the way from the 1840s !!! You can look at the cars you have gone in!! Hehehehe!!  This is located in Gippsland 3 hours away from Melbourne! Sometimes we have shows there were all the cars are lined up in rows and you can freely look around and sometimes you can ask to hop in them !!

Number 5 !! Inflatable World!! 

The inflatable world is in Traralgon! You have a series of slides, games and Wipe Out ?? Da da daaa !!!  Yes, they have the wipeout balls you can jump on to the different side, It is so fun! For little kids there are slides and sections for them to play at ! You have a basketball place that allows you to try to shoot a hoop !!

Number 4 !!!!! Maffra Show !!

On the oval at the Maffra Show watching events with some hot chips and a drink

I had to have my hometown show! We might be a small town have a little population and not many rides but…… We have amazing fireworks! If you guys wanna see it go to Wyld Child Travel on instagram for a video of it! But the fireworks are awesome they put so much effort into it!

Number 3 !!!!!! Koala + Penguins !

If you have been to Phillip island you know they have the koalas and penguins! These are both located near Cowes and have amazing views of animals! Watching the koalas peacefully is awesome! And the penguins just waddling up the hill so CUTE!! I love these places they are amazing! You should stay at Ramada Phillip Island Resort we had amazing stay there

Number 2 !!!!!! Amaze N Things!


Amazenthings is so much fun for kids and adults there are mazes and other amazing things! Hehe !! So we did mini golf,  tree surfing and more !! We loved hanging out there as a family and playing mini golf together completing all of them! The mini golf course had up to 20 something holes !! I tried doing one and it landed on the road! Hahaha !!

NUMBER 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luna Park Melbourne !!

We went here with OurThreeKidsVSTheWorld !!! We loved hanging out there going on rides and chilling out! We tried to go on every ride but some did not work. Some were too small! And to scary !! I loved the swinging pirate ship and we are hoping to go again to go on the scenic railway! Our hotel room was huge we loved staying in St Kilda close to Luna Park

Hope you enjoyed my top 10 things for kids to do in Victoria, Australia see you next time Bye !! From Marley.

This was written by Marley Wyld aged 9 years old. Marley is currently in grade 3 at primary school. Marley loves blogging



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