Going on a plane many times is stress-full but you get all the tips and tricks here are some of these tips to make your flight 100% Better!!!!!!!!!

8!!!! A blanket!

If on a plane and you see some blankets and you say “Yay! At least I have a blanket!” But seriously! People do not give good blankets for free! So this is why bring your own! My Mum used to make us carry around blankest and it helps a lot when you’re on a plane for 14 hours and more!!

7!! A neck pillow/a normal pillow!

This one is optional but It helps when you have serious neck pain on a plane! Dew to the not very comfy plain chairs you are gonna needs one! And also watching a movie and having that neck pillow on is really nice!

6!!! A device laptop,i-pad,tablet etc!

This one is very very common! If it was not as noticeable it would be further down the list, But sometimes when you look at the tv and you find nothing or either there is no t-v! This can help because you have endless things! (One problem with this is you will need a charger and make sure your favourite game need`s no WiFi! )

5!!! Snacks!

Its always good to have something to snack on in the middle of a long and very very boring flight don`t ya think?? Sometimes the food on the plane is very very yuck! This is why my mum always brings snacks! It just gives you a bit of an extra boost to do sigh-seeing Right?

4!!!! Eye-mask!!!

Eye-masks have a very good at-vantage if you sitting near a window that is up and also if there is a bright light near you!, And you can sleep a lot better!

3!!!! Portable Charger!!!!

A portable charger is an amazing thing to have on a long flight since I don`t think you can get and electricity in the air! You just charge it like a phone and then take it with you and keeps the energy so you can use it whenever! Though sadly it doesn`t last forever though!

2!!!! Emergency Pack!!!

What happens if you’re in a tough situation and your hurt or really anything! This can help but just make sure that you don’t put anything with alcohol infuses or your gonna be in trouble! Also, make sure they follow with the Flight Policy’s cause some brands are allowed some aren`t! Always gotta be safe!

1!!!! Activity Pack!!!!

You can buy these on the plane for around $20 dollars and you can just make them your self! You just need a pencil case and a word search or colouring or anything you’re interested in! It makes a flight a whole bunch better! You get to sit down and relax without getting to much screen time!!!!!!!

This are some things that make a time on a plane way better hope you enjoyed and see you next time! Bye!

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