The Ramada resort in Phillip Island is Spectacular! We stayed there for 3 nights on the weekend in August.  We had a Comfturble, Relaxing 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom Cabin.You had a calming, soothing Plants in front of your cabin which made it connect with nature. You had a wonderful walkway with plants and nature  Then there was your deck with a table, you had lots of windows to see out for a view of the sunrise. So you walk in and you see a nice sized TV and 2 couches, you had a combined dining room and kitchen all in one room. The lighting was perfect, so to the left was mum and dads room with lovely sweet double bed with big closets, in the middle you had Your bathroom with shower and sink ,Then also in the centre of a different room was the toilet and sink , so to your right there was me and willows room with single beds with lovely blankets just for your comfort. So the Ramada sounds nice ?! Well, Go to Wyld family travel for more details!


What to do at Ramada?

Well, the Ramada has a verity of activities.They have bush trails, restaurants, game room and exercise areas.You have a pizzeria their which of course serves pizza! Then you have your restaurant with all day foods and, a morning Breakfast everyone can enjoy. So we move onto the exercise centre with spa room, you can work out and sweat till you rest, Just remember don’t forget the code! Also with the exercise centre is a tennis court that you can use anytime! Then the pool is nice, relaxing and of course fun! Then the games room with different games and machines u can use. The Ramada will find your comfort as being near Cowes and the bridge to San Remo

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