My name is Marley Wyld. I am a 9-year-old traveller. I have travelled the east coast of Australia and over 20 countries in Europe. I love going to school, watching YouTube and playing netball. My parents who have a website at Wyld Family Travel inspired me to start this site. My sister Willow and i write articles about our travels.

Hi everyone its Marley here today I am going to tell you about the top 5 countries I have visited.

Number 5 Iceland !!

Iceland is amazing and beautiful  Only problem is that it is very very expensive. But I had to put in my top five because of the nature you see and the creations in the city! There are amazing views from the city! Also, their black sand beach was amazing. I’ve never seen a black sand beach before !! But all I can say, everyone there was so nice to us!! The only problem was how expensive it was in Iceland

the mountains in Iceland

Number 4 Portugal!

Portugal WAS AMAZING !!!!!!!!!! I absolutely loved Portugal! It is an amazing place especially Lisbon. Lisbon was a very nice place to stay! We all loved Portugal! In Portugal, they serve a lot of seafood. If you love seafood (I only like calamari ) you should go to Portugal. While we were in Lisbon we took a day trip to Sintra and saw some amazing castles! In 2015 we saw the Pena Palace and it was so colourfull it was all different colours. In 2016 we saw the Moorish Castle. It had an amazing view and we saw it with one of our good friends Nathan. So that was really good fun !!

drawing tiles in Lisbon

Number 3 Spain !!

Spain is a beautiful, Tropical and Lovely Its one of the most pretty countries I have ever been to! The beach in Barcelona Is MAGNIFIC !! I also love Granada, Granada had amazing places to go to, there was also a restaurant we went to every night! They were so lovely. Madrid was very nice, It did get a bit noisy every now and then, but it was very very nice! Seville, we meet some kind friends Like Maria, we had a food tour there and The tour guide was very Kind!

eating Churrios in Madrid

Number 2 GERMANY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Germany is a very prestigious and amazing country. My Dad (Mark) absolutely loves Germany. He adores the place, we also have some amazing friends from Germany, Munich is probably my favourite place in Germany. We went there in the winter and the snow! IT WAS  MAGICAL !!! When we were at the famous brewhouse we had some amazing drinks and dinner, that’s also where I played with the snow, there was a mini courtyard and I made a mini SNOWMAN!!!

Marley at Neuschwanstein Palace

NUMBER 1 POLAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poland comes in my number one for many, many reasons. It was my first place I had ever seen snow. It also was an amazing, pretty and Beautiful Place. We spent Christmas in Istebna and It was amazing. They have 12 traditional meals you must have at Christmas, My favourite was the broth, It is a soup and it was lovely. Poland has some amazing places that I love!

kzias castle

So this concludes My top 5 FAV countries If you want you can tell me your favourite countries in the comments below, I hope you enjoyed and PEACE !!!


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