As a kid You find a place to like hard, there is always something wrong with somewhere but these cities have the Package!

Some of these involve good food I Like,(Not saying you will like the food) The Amazing Locals that are so friendly!

I could go on but this would make it to long! So here are the Cities! Also, This Blog Does not Involve Australia, New Zealand etc.

5, Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang is a City Located in Laos, Around 330 km from the Thai Border town of Chang Khong, This city is nice, clean and has many friendly People, But The Problem we Had In ALL of Laos was food,

Food was to hard to find, if you find it it is super expensive, This is a reason why Luang Prabang came far down the list, And in All The Places we Stayed in the rest of Laos didn`t have as much to offer as Luang Prabang does!

4, Penang, Malaysia

Penang is an island around a 30-45 minute flight from Langkawi, And around 1 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia`s Capital, Penang has a lot to offer with its George Town, A town Surviving from British Colonol Times, to the Japanese invasion in the 2nd world war!

It has many sectors as traditional Chinese to Indian and Muslim Quarters, All food is good in these areas especially Indian, Yum Yum! Penang has friendly locals, Many shopping areas, and much more!

3, Hanoi , Vietnam!

These next few are too hard to choose from, So Sadly Hanoi is 3rd On This list, Hanoi is a city of beauty and home to the Vietnamese communist party, That shouldn`t throw you off though as it is a beautiful city and has much to explore! It’s also very high on my list as I spent my birthday there, It was AMAZING! There is too much to offer in this city and that’s why its 3rd!

PS. This Photo was near Ho Chi Minh`s Mausoleum If your Wondering!

2, Singapore, Republic of Singapore

This Pains me to say this but yes, Singapore is 2nd because of WESTERN PRICES!!!!!!!! Not the best for budget travel but a beautiful city!

Food is fantastic, Western food Everywhere! Western Attractions, And So Much More!

One thing is that Singapore is the way TO CLEAN! Singapore is literally the CLEANEST place ( besides Seoul) That I have seen in Asia No Jokes! But I Love The City, Its lights, Marina Bay Sans EVERYTHING!

Singapore is For Families, That is not on a budget…

Now because there are to any city`s I had to put some honourable mentions before the winner!

  1. Krabi Town, Thailand, 2. Vientiane Laos, 3. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 4. Kuta, Bali, Indonesia 5. Yogjakarta, Java, Indonesia!


Bangkok is a lot like Singapore but has a different feel, Many Sky Scrapers But still like a South East Asia city, not a European City! Still has local food and the food isn’t western prices! Still, Friendly Locals that aren`t always using their phones! ( no offence Singapore I still love you! ) Its still Western Influenced but not as much as other countries! It has a big shopping area which is also fantastic!

Also if Your wondering this is a photo Of the Kings Home!

Well hoped you enjoyed as I enjoyed my own trip back down memory lane, hope you enjoyed and

Good Bye!

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