Traveling as a kid is well, different. When I was five years of age It was like, well I disliked it a lot, number one thing I hated then is walking, did not help at all !! Back then we did not use trains that much we use them a little more now, but my favourite thing was going to Paris and eating this rice at a restaurant on the corner. ( it closed down so it’s not open). I also loved the carousel there, it was two storied and it was awesome there were horses, carriages and way more things on there. It was awesome!

We also have some friends in Europe such as Adriana, Thomas, Katerina and Detmar, there is a photo that is SO FUNNY !! We all took a photo with one of the millions of friends we have like, a friend is on his side posing and I sat on him ! (LOL).  So last year we were at Croatia (well we actually were there in 2017 but we started the holiday in 2016 )

Our friends from Europe. This is how we spent Christmas Day.

Here I am in Krakow on our friend’s knee

.Now Let’s get to my fav things about …………… AUSTRALIA ! Now we have been to not many places, which is sad but also some of the places I’ve been to are AMAZING! But we went to the Mornington Peninsula and us so much fun and awesome fun at the Eagle the view wee wee !! (wee wee means yes in French ). You went down the mountain and it was swinging it was scary.But the pictures Like amazing !!

So we also went swimming with dolphins and seals it was awesome! (how many times have I said amazing and awesome!LOL )So a few months later we went to Phillip Island. We stayed in Ramada hotel on the road to Cowes. I loved it and it was amazing !( said amazing Again!) We ended up staying an extra night it was that amazing! So we went to the National Park in Phillip Island. I was really scared to milk the cow. And I think its the end and now I have to say.

BYE Marley!

Marley Wyld Aged 9. Lover of all thngs roadbloks and mindcraft. Hater of most foods she has never tried.


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