In class this past term at School we have been doing memoirs so for everyone that doesn’t know what a memoir is it is like an autobiography but instead of your whole life it is a very important moment in it, it can be a place, a person, a thing or simply a moment, so this is my memoir on a place to be more specific the airport and I’m only an amateur writer, so enjoy.

“Planes taking off, people talking and unhealthy food being fried: this is almost everything you can hear at an airport.

The airport is noisy with thousands if not millions walking past you, each here for a different thing and each has a different story from their past. Looking in one direction you see someone crying before leaving their loved ones behind maybe never to see them again in another direction you see a couple about to board the plane to who knows where so they can pass the time. If you look hard you can see the dull silver of planes, the vibrant greens of small plants made for effect and the shiny white of the floor beneath you.

Walking on the long straight escalators has been me and my sister’s favourite thing since the first time I remember and her being at an airport. They get you places quicker but Marley and I always saw it as a new adventure for us to have together.

I’ve been on over 30 international flights so there are too many airports to count. I travel a lot because my family believes that you might learn English or maths in school but you will learn so much more while travelling and make memories will never leave you.

The airport is like a schoolyard full of noise and chatter. It’s a new adventure, not just yours but thousands of other peoples. It’s like starting again, leaving every problem behind. Being at an airport is not being here and not being there; it’s in-between your adventure”

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!


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Hi I am Willow Wyld. Born in 2005 to 2 travel loving parents who drag us on all types of adventures. I love listening to Korean Pop, actually, i love all things Korean. I love hanging with my friends and spending time in my room.
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