Well, it’s been a while,
This is the back story to Marleys Mutterings,
It all started ages ago in 2016, I wanted to write for our blog “Wyld Family Travel” so I wrote Marley Mutterings 1 and it took off, later came Marley Mutterings 2, and Then I founded Wyld Child Travel, I started forgetting the series I found, and a few months I thought to make it on Wyld Child Travel, but I didn’t have any inspiration so I didn’t.

Lately I have been pondering on it, and I did want to make another one, mum told me dad wrote his blog posts in his memos on things like planes, trains and busses, and we were hoping on a bus in a few days, and then At the bus station in Chang Mai, I should continue it but, for every continent there will be a series! SO ASIA IS FIRST!! Let us go on with it!
While I am writing this I am on a boring bus, to Myanmar. Since we need to extend our visa, Asia is a Beautiful continent. I have so far been to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and now Myanmar then Laos! Yesterday I actually learned that Laos is actually a Communist country! Most of you will know what communist is but if you didn’t here is a demonstration of how it works…
A communist country, only has one party (A party is a group of politicians) , they can’t vote either most of the time, if they can they are very corrupt,  meaning they cheat so that person stays in power, and their party,  but there is a good side to communist countries, It isn’t about the richer getting richer and the poorer getting poorer, its about everyone has a house, and a job, even if they aren’t good they have a roof over there head, And lucky there are only 4 communist countries nowadays, if you want communist galore, the 1960s will interest you! The 4 communist countries are Laos, Vietnam,  China and Cuba!! Back to what I’m muttering about.
I’m excited to go to Myanmar, mainly because I’ll get another stamp in my passport!! Thailand is really nice though, I do miss Indonesia a lot!! But I definitely will go back there one day! I’m also excited for Vietnam,  since well…

I’m spending my birthday there!!
Im also so excited for South Korea! I and Willow have a surprise though! Can’t say cause Dad edits these posts!! But anyway, I have been trying so many new foods! I’m a fussy eater so I am quite proud Of myself!  I’ve got myself hooked to chicken noodle soup! I am getting a little sick of all the fish and rice! Specifically the sticky rice!

My aunt Is actually Thai and she makes the best sticky rice!! I use to roll it into a ball and eat it like an apple!! I’m also missing my friends a lot! It is really difficult to stay with the same people all day every day! I’m really excited for Europe as Asia IS JUST TO HOT!!!

The water is hot,  the food is hot, the spices are really hot, the sauce is hot, I’m hot!! But you know I’m coping okay, I’m surprised I haven’t had a heat stroke! Singapore was amazing and I loved it!!

I’ve been more up to date with Instagram! So check the link on the home page!! I’m also planning on redecorating the home page! As dad did design it! If I do it’ll be pink,white and blue! Mainly pastel colours as they’ll look good! I’m also kicking dads link to his website from our home page to a different page if he doesn’t do the same! Hahaha!
This all I have to share so far! Go follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more Posts! And I and Willow have taken over Wyld Family Travel’s Snapchat! It’s now @wyldchildtravel !!!!!
I hope you enjoyed the talk and see you soon!!!

Please find below 2 more article from Willow and Marley for you to read. Just remember we are kids and the spelling and grammer may not be perfect but we try our best

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