Marley`s Diary


Yesterday we finally landed in Bali after the hustle and bustle of The busy airports. It took us 8 hours originally to get to KL airport ( Kuala Lumper airport or KLIA2 Department hall !) Then a nice stop over of 6 HOURS!! Then a 3 hour flight to Bali and a nice Immigration check! Air Asia was A brilliant Airline for kids The chicken and rice was very nice and brilliant for fussy eaters like me!!!We landed in Bali and had someone from The Harris hotel Pick us up and take us to the Harris to stay the night! Well more than a night, We stayed in the hotel room for a while and chilled out due to the tremendous heat . Then a hour later we went to the pool and had a swam , I meet a girl also from Australia . Then we went out for dinner took a very long walk to a nice restaurant , I had the crispy chicken and it was amazing!!!! We also had some fried rice with it , I got a fruit tea and every one else got something too , The crispy chicken there was also really good for fussy eaters . My feelings on this trip originally weren`t so high but we have a good start so far! I was nervous and scared and I still am but … Lets just have some fun!!!


Today we woke up and I chatted to one of my close friends for a good hour and we headed to the beach! We sat down for a bit but we got bombarded with many sellers and we made “friends” With ladies named Sue , Tracey and Jenny also sellers , I personally find it to go along the beach more to the more touristy side as they`ll be distracted Also!!! We got very bombarded and headed back to our hotel . A bit earlier we went to some markets and got a few things! Im not going to tell you how we got there though thats for a up coming post on the blog !!! *wink* *wink* But then we went back to a shopping center were we got sent to and got some thongs for willow since her other weighed 1 HOLE KILO GRAM!!! We went back to the hotel any way and I wanted to go to the pool so me and Mum went down and I had told my friend that there was no thunder storms coming , but so I thought . I was playing with a boy named Phillip (I believe) and we were doing a holding breathe competition and “BANG”!!! Went lightning so I had to hop out and it stayed there for a good 1 or so! Well that was a eventful day STAY TUNED FOR MORE!!!


Today we all thought there was no CHANCE!! We were not gonna go to the Kuta beach just because of the tenders! THERE WAS NO WAY!!!! So we got the transport to the beach to a further part of the beach , we walked for a bit and found a toilet and a place were we could rent a chair and get drinks . I got changed and headed down the beach to swim , after a while I went up to my parents and asked “Can I try surfing?” So of course my arents said yes cause they want me to do new things so I went and started trying , I stood up 4 times and I was pretty lease as it was my first time doing it and It is really difficult!!! After the lessons I thought I would have a swim and It was very nice and relaxing just letting the waves flow through you . I eventually got dunked really bad so I made a sand it and sat in it , Until a tin foil lid came up to me and sat in my hole . We eventually we home and went to a lace called Frankenstein’s Restaurant were they did acts of dancing and singing , we all got some amazing food and it was very expensive , the acts were amazing especially the dancing!!! We had very much fun but eventually we paid bill and left . AND HAD OUR SECOND DINNER!!! The street food is amazing so we went to our local tent resturant and had dinner!! Yum yum and eventually it turned to Night Night!


Today we woke up and headed for a break fast , it was short lived as we did`t realize we had a temple tour that day , any way we got ready and headed back down to our tour guide and started driving , we first hit a temple were me, mum and dad + Kadek (the tour guide) had to were sarongs as you were not allowed to show your knees , so we headed and looked around and it was astonishing the temple was pretty as . We eventually ended up leaving to the next temple but on our way we stopped at a coffee place and explored and we went on these amazing swings !! Me and willow both went on one as mum is scared of heights and falling off and Dad is the film man!!! So me and willow went on AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!! The place is called the Hidden garden and if you go on the tour make sure you go on the swing , also the name of the company that runs the tour is Family Bali Tours , so any way after the hidden garden we headed to the next temple and again beautiful!!! Eventually we headed back to kuta and it started pouring and there was thunder and lightning and the road flooded and it was u to the car door at one point!!! We made it safely home though so thats okay!!! We went back to our favorite restaurant and again It was Yum yum and then it turned into Night Night!!!


We decided after hard days of exploring ut was a time for a break, So a nice sleep in helped all of us and we headed for breakfast! I also recommend if you do stay at the Harris you go earlier to get more food as a lot of it was quiet cold! But we made the great decision to go earlier on the 16 !! We really just sat and I cached up on my diary and the other day I kept playing on my laptop on roblox with the game Im obsessed with called Bee Swarm Simulator . I went to the pool and hanged out with my friends!!! 15. After the pool we headed to the beach and I swam and made some friend , It was very dirty though because of the massive storms , my friends names were ( there not slept right) Emma , An din and Die-rah ??? I believe any way so we headed back to the hotel had dinner and it was yum yum but it turned to night night!


We went on a tour with Family Bali Tours and it was amazing , We went to Padang Padang Beach and Ulu Watu , we got to watch a ceremony at a temple and this temple is for Hindus !! It was really cool if you ask me!! After that we went to a Sea food place that didn`t interest any of us so we started looking for another restaurant and you know what we went back across the street for some yum yum that turned into some night nights!!!


Today we went on another Tour with Family Bali Tours. We went on a tour to Padang Padang Beach , Ulu Watu Temple and Out for dinner. Our tour guide was Putu and he was lovely. We went out for dinner at our favorite place across the road . Padang Padang was very busy but it was certainly beautiful and the exact same for Ulu Watu temple, when we were there there was a ceromony going on , it is a Hindu Temple. There was monkeys there and one stole a persons phone! We went to our favorite food Place and It was yummy of course , And off to bed we went!


We moved hotels from Harris River View to Ramada Resort Sunset road Kuta! We loved Harris But Ramada looked very much more Modern and was a more nature feel! A soon as we came we getted ready to go down to the pool and it was amazing and so pretty!! We had the sea food dinner and It was pretty good! We had (mum and dad) Had some drinks and me and willow had non-alcohol drinks! We went to bed after we and willow were watching shows on the tv.


Today we went to water bom! And we had some amazing fun, I went on many water slides and stayed in the pool for a very long time! I had calamari and chips for lunch, it tasted amazing! After water bom we went back out for dinner, we went to a place that we had been to before and it was amazing! Then I went to bed!


Today we stayed home and just have a lazy day, We went to the rooftop pool and got some amazing views and photos!!! We also went to the lagoon pool at night and it was pretty! Sadly I was feeling quiet ill that day so the other things I did was watch youtube and play on roblox!


Today we went from Kuta to Ubud . We drove in the car for at least a 1 hour, We are staying at the alarm terris , we first had a look for a super market but that didn`t really happen , but then we found a restaurant called Upmah Pizza and it tasted good!!! I went back to the Alarm terris and I had a swim! Later though I found out my Grandmother sadly past away!


Today we went on a water fall tour, we went up to the northern of Bali! We went on a hike to a natural water slide and it was very fun! I went on very many times! We had to hop out eventually to go to another water fall and I didn`t Go down to the last water fall! The after the water fall we got motor bikes to a food lace , there was another swing I went on, then we took the motor bike back were we got Oreo’s Then home!


Today we went on a food tour with Good Indonesian Food!! We went to a famous restaurant famous for there suckling pork called Ibu Oka , we saw squirrels and Cockatoos !!! The pork was nice very one said it was nice! Then we went to a resturant selling chicken, It was very nice and also quiet spicy! Then we went to a place called Murnis Warung And we had traditional cakes! I had a banana carmel one it was good! We also got thick shakes that were amazing!!


Today we decided we would have breakfast at the hotel, I got a watermelon juice and a delicious Scrambled eggs on toast!! We decided we would stay home, since I personal-y want to have a better morning routine at home and waking up early, so I did some research on that. Then I went to the pool and we had dinner at the hotel!


Today we also stayed home for a bit and had breakfast, same as yesterday! And we headed to a market, we looked at all the dresses and things, then we headed home and I went to the pool and did my research

again! And yeah we had dinner at Umah Pizza!


Today we went to a water temple were you get blessed, we had to wear sarongs! I dont like sarongs but mum does so good for her! You can hire a locker if you want and you need to hire a water sarong unless you have your own sarong!!! Because (I believe) we arent from there we start at the second and end until you get to the ones with the plaques! You dont start at the first!!! So then we went back and went to bed!!


I don`t want to go into full detail but I got food poisoning! So yeah We had to get a doctor and I have antibiotics!!


Today we went to Yogya-Karta on the ISLAND OF JAVA!!!! I was still sick and quiet unwell but I MADE IT!!!!!!!! And we decided we should stay at the Zest! And I really like it !!! e went for dinner and went to bed!!!


I still was feeling a bit sick but I was way better! So we went to the sultans water palace and after that we went to a mall! And after we kinda got burger king!! But hey we don`t have that in Australia so we tried new food!!!


Today we moved from the zest to Yogya Village!! And wow! The hotel was beautiful! There was a pool bistro and yass! I had a swim and of course got use to it and I tried some Avacado Frozen yoghourt that was Smashing!!!!! I hoped int the pool and it was amazing!!! Then we had dinner at the bistro then YouTube and bed!!!


Today we went on tour to Borobudur!! Borobudur is the largest Budhist temple in the world ! We got some amazing pictures and it was beautiful! Then we went to a Hindu temple and it was beautiful!! Then we went back and had some dinner!!!


Today we decided to go to the Sultans palace and sadly it eneded up being closed extra early due to something! So we decided to go to a market and look around, after the market we went to The same shopping centre and got mcdonalds we got x2 Fanta Floats x2 oreo mcflurry and got some otther stuff!! After that we went back to the hotel to chillax and get ready for the train tomororow!


Today we left Yogya Karta to Bandung. The train went to 80-100 km a hour and it was a 9 hour train ride!! I got some food on the train , I got friend chicken and rice!!! It also tasted pretty good!!! When we got to Bandung we went to our air bnb and we had a total fail!!! So we had to move t a hotel named ibis!!! And we fell asleep at the bistro! That was embarrasing!!


Today we went and did some sight seeing! We had a amazing breakfast at Ibis!! And llike usual we ate and the bistro but didn`t fall asleep this time!!


Today we moved from the Ibis To Holiday Inn Pasteur in Bandung!!! This place was very fancy and not made for the wylds! It was also chinese new year so we watched the dragon dance! And then we went and had a buffet dinner for chinese new year! It was amazing and I want to definitly go back for chinese new year!!


Today we went sight seeing and we went on a bus tour around Bandung! And that was pretty cool! Then we went to a museum and it was very intresting! But it was all in indonesian! Any way went went back to the hotel had dinner and night!


Today we stayed home, and well, I can`t forget how yummy breakfast was!!! It was absouloutly delicious! I loved the pineapple because it was nice juicy and soft!!! The pool was amazing and of course dinner was soooo good!!!!


Today we left bandung for Jakarta and we stayed at mecure! When we went to mecure we went to a japanese resturant and had some food like pineapple, chicken , beef , fried rice and etc!!


Today we stayed home, I went into the pool and on the water slide and it was amazing!! We had our buffet breakfast that was amazing!! Then we skipped lunch and then went to dinner , I had a 4 cheese pizza , meaning it had 4 diffrent types of cheese!!! It was good!!!


Today we left Mecure to Swiss bel, I also had a unhealthy breakfast consisting Of Fried rice, chicken nuggets , juice and a ice cream cone!! Yeah its very healthy!!! But we got to go to swiss bel was nice, and we watched the lanes come in all day!!


Today we went out to the middle of the city , we went to the national monument in Jakarta and explored the city its self, we went to a shopping center and tried to find willow some leggings, but mum and dad got distracted by A shop!!!


Today we stayed home and packed and got ready to leave for singapore!!! We actually ended up going to the pool and watching the lanes go in! Then I hoped out and you know, I left my laptop charger at bandung, and So I had to open the box that I got!!! And then well, dinner bed!!


Today we left for Singapore!!!We went with Air asia,but even before we stopped over there I already feel in love singapore, I had only been in the airport and well, so I wanted to go out so we went out and we decided to stay a few nights!!! AND WE WENT TO A PAULANA BRAUHOUSE!!! Omg the pretzels were amazing!!! I had a chicken sznitzel and otatoes, I had a spetzi!!! Then we got a taxi back and went to sleep!


Today we explored Singapore and had a look around! Mum wasn`t feeling so well so she had a nap! While she was sleeping I was playing roblox and watching you-tube!!! Then we went to Little india and had some indian for dinner , we got some naan bread, butter chicken , chicken friend rice and some normal rice , plus a pork dish! Then we walked all the way up to the Paulana House and then got a taxi to the Gardens of the Bay and watched the show!! Then we got a taxi and headed to the Singapore flyer!! The views were stunning!! And I learned a bit more about singapore!!! Then we got a taxi back home and went to bed!! The gardens of the bay show was definitly a must do!! And then the Singapore flyer was quite high up, plus the people we were with were very noisy!!


Today we moved From Holiday inn Katong to Holiday inn Orchid road!! And Im telling you I already felt a lot more comfortable at Orchid rose because it was on busy street, And I feel comfortable in those types of places!! And it also wasnt to loud!!! Any way after we went to check in we put our bags down and headed to bounce, a trampoline park, I was personally quite excited to go to a trampoline park, As I like going on trampolines and we cannot bring one with us!!! So that was good! And we got burger king for dinner, The chicken nuggets are good!!


Today We went have breakfast with the orangutans!! At the Singapore zoo, and you know us, we though! “Wait a minute, what if we dont like any of the food at the zoo ( which we kinda liked) So lets have breakfast at the hotel and the zoo!" so we did! And the food was good at both places, then we had a look around the zoo! And if you know me we went to the rabbits and I had a heart attack because....THERE WERE GUINEA PIGS!!! And I had one at home , RIP BILLY<3, but They were so cute , but I couldnt hold the so that was a heart break! Any way we then explored a bit and after that headed home! And Then we went for dinner, I got pizza! Mmmm and the parents and willow (Cause she acts like a grown up) Had some diffrent traditional meals! After that me and willow went to the arcade and played some games! And we got matching hairties / bracelets, then we went to H&M and got some outfits then ya know , bed!!!


Today we went to KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA!! And we had to head through my least favourite thing, IMMIGRATION!!! I had a heart attack though because we thought we lost a thing that you have to surrender when you leave singapore!! But yeah it was okay! We stopped for food but we only had singapore dollars , so to the super market we went!! When we got to kl though we waited a could 20 minutes for a grab but the hotel was amazing and so was the pool It wa samazing and then bedd!! Night!


Today we woke up in a new city, a new country! And today we went on the hop on hop off bus!!! And we saw many of Kuala lumper sight seeing sights that are very popular!! We went around and saw the citys inner side! We stopped at Time Square there and got a 7 eleven slushie!!! The blue was amazing cause that was the one I had , And it was blueberry! Then mum got some Cha time!!! And we headed back to the hotel and relaxed went to the pool! And well we originally saved for tomorow and we had curry puffs and noodel cups, that wasnt enough so we went to Maccas

For Ice creams, But here (Malaysia) They sell 48 nuggets for the price of 8 au dollars so!! We got them, and we spent so much more money then anticipated!!!


Today we went to the batu caves and did 272 STEPS TO THE CAVE!!! The view was stunning at the top and the temple was beautiful!! We looked around and had a amazing time! We got some post cards for our (mine) friends and Mum got a post card for My Great Nan!!As she loves collecting them so mum brough her a folder to put them all in!!! After that we went to A street full of chinese food, and I got friend rice and Calamari, I didn`t like the calamari and every one else like the friend rice that I like, So I also got my favourite!! Chicken nuggets !!! Then we went home had a night time swim and sleep time!!!


Today we went to the patrounus towers , and the views were stunning, Mum was a little shaky cause the bridge there is not connected to the towers!! So don`t go there on a windy day!! We then went up to the top of the towers and got some amazing pictures!!! We eventually went to a science exhibition , it was really fun, there were games and many science exhibitions telling you about the earths growth!! It was really intresting but still really fun for children! Then we got a early dinner at a resturant called Neab , a Arabian and Iranian restaurant!! Then We headed home and went to bed!!


Today we left Kuala Lumper to Langkawi!! For dinner we had chocolate muffin (willows) sandwitches (dad) a roll (mums) and my unhealthy pringles!! We had a 1 hour plane and then we went to a resturant called Telaga Seafood, I had chicken nuggets and they were amazing! And then we went home and went to sleep!!


Today we didint do much, we went to the supermarket and got some food! Then we went to the poo and beach, I didnt like the beach that much because it was very itchy and it  irritated my skin really bad!! After that we went for dinner and to sleep we  went!!


Today we went on a day boat cruise around the islands of Langkawi! It was so much fun, we sat and watched and we had soft drink! They had a net that you could lay on at the back of the boat. I stayed o that for a while then, we had some yummy satay lunch!! The lunch was yummy and amazing! Then we went to a hidden beach, and had a lot of fun, I built a sand fort, Then we had to go home eventually, had dinner and went to sleep


Today we went on a jetski tour!! It was so much fun, we went on a little ride past the port we left from yesterday, we got to some limestone caves and we went through them!! Then we had some free time and I got to drive a jetski!! It was amazing, besides almost falling off 2 TIMES!!! Then after that we went to the pregnant lady island, It is said if you drink the fresh water from the lake you will become pregnant!! After that we went to the beach we went to yesterday and part of my fort was still there!! after that we went home had dinner and well sleep!


Today we did literally nothing! We stayed in the hotel room the hole day but for dinner we did a sunset boat cruise!! The food was delicious, we also meet some other people from sweden and talked to them for a bit! Eventually it was time to hop off, and we went home and slept!!


Today we stayed home and went to the pool, I meet some girls named Ruby and coco! We climbed up the slide went down the slide talked, you know just that. After I went back to the room and sat donw for a bit, went on my laptop and used the wifi. We eventually went for dinner and walked on the beach , we went to mcdessert and on the way back we talked to Ruby and Coco, and Mum and Dad talked to there parents!!


Today we moved From Malibest , to the Ocean residence!!! And we had a lot of fun!! We went swimming for a bit and we had so much fun. Then we caught a grab to pizza hutt, and it was the longest wait time ever!!!! We got one pizza, we still had another on the way!! But it took so long that we had dessert before we even HAD UR OTHER PIZZA!!! But we caught a grab back and went to sleep!!


Today we stayed home, and we used the WiFi that was good compared to Malibest!! We also went to the pool! But at breakfast we saw these cute little kittens!! And we also saw there Mum and Dad!! They were the cutest things ever!! That night we had dinner at the Ocean Residence and The food was Amazing!!!


Today we went to the Langakwi sky cab for the beautiful views!! mum had a heart attack on the way back cause we stopped in the middle of the skycab!!! We went on the sky cab and got stunning views!!! After that we went home and had dinner at the Ocean Residence and played with the cats!!


Today we left Langkawi for Penang! When we got to Penang we stayed at the Wassup Youth Hostel , we ate at a place that served many diffrent dishes such as Briyani chicken , roti , rice and many more!!! After that we experienced a non working shower!! And the some sleep!!


Today we had a look at the street art , as penang is known for 2 main things, Street food and Street ART!!! So we went and took many photos and we explored the town. After that we went for dinner , and went to sleep!!!


Today we went to Kek lok si! Which is Malaysia’s biggest Buddhist temple !!! which was absolutely beautiful!! It had amazing views of the city and moutins!! Then we went down and got some food! we gt the 10000 string candy or The Dragon candy! It was amazing!! Then we had some dishes mainly consisting of rice and meat!!! then we went home went for dinner and then we went to bed!!!


Today we went on a free walking tour through the city! ( Mainly George town the world heritage part of the city, surving from the Japanesse bombings in WW2 , It was listed world heritage in 2008!) We went through and around diffrent streets and went to 2 chinesse temples!!! This Island is home to many religions such as , Chinesse Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim! It has many china towns and has more than 6 diffrent groups of chinesse using diffrent characters!!


Today we moved from the Wassup Youth Hostel to Mecure!! The food at mecure was amazing!! And we were right on the beach!! Which was amazing!! After that we went to dinner!!


Today we went to escape water park!! IT WAS AMAZING!!! We went down many water slides, we went on a obstical course and little boats!! There was a ak swimming explorer and it was my favourite!! I spent a good hour in there!! And It was amazing!! I dived off a diving board for the first time!!! And it was scary but amazing!! We eventually left to meet OuroverSeaAdventures!! And they were amazing!! I had so much fun with Sophie and Jack it was amazing! Then we went home and slept!!!


Today we went to the top!! We did a sky bridge! that was amazing!! We also went to a zombie outbreak , Aquarium , jurrasic research! and many more!! It was all so much fun!! we enjoyed it very much!! We had dinner the mecure again cause it was so good!!


Today we flew from Penang to Kuala Lumpur , we stayed at the tune!! We got McDonalds for dinner!! We stayed at the tune hotel,we didn`t do much much because we were stuffed and tired so we went to bed!!!


TODAY WE MADE IT TO KRABI!!!!!!! We stayed at the Oscar villa and we went to Tesco to get suplies, then we got dinner, and we went to bed!!! That was really comfy!!!


Today we went on a boat cruise! We first had to go to ao nang beach! From there we had to wait a while for a member to come! The we walked to the beach and hoped on a long boat!! From there it took us 10 minutes to get to our bigger boat, all the people that came from Raily were there already there!! From there we started to do snorkelling , at this location there were jelly fish that made me very nervous! I saw many types of fish, we couldn`t stand though ass the coral would die if we did so!! Then we eventually went back to the boat and had chips, peas and I think peanuts!! Then we were aloud to jump off the boat! I got nervous at first but I did it!!!! I kept jumping off the boat as it was fun!! Then at our next stop I kept jumping off and then we had dinner while watching the sunset!! Before dinner I had to do a 180 on the paddle board to win my mum a cocktail!! I still did it!! Then after that we swam with plancton and then we went home!!


Today we had a rest day and we just chillaxed by the pool!! I mainly went on my laptop!! It was nice t0 relax and just sit!!


Today we explored Ao nang beach!!! We had a look around but we didn`t do much!! We had our dinner at a local resturant near were we were staying, it was really nice, I had fried chicken and spring rolls for dinner! I also had a mango drinnk to go with it!


Today me and dad went for a swim in the beach for a while!! There wasnt
anything special about the beach, I found it rather boring because there arent any waves! It was also very shallow so me ad dad had to go about 100m out just to get it above our shoulders! Afterwards we went to burger king for a sunday!!! Then we got picked up by our hotel and we had dinner for dinner I had chicken wings, rice and spring rolls and a mango shake then bed!!


Today we packed our suit cases then we went to go for breakfast!! We had pancakes every morning we stayed there, then we got a tranfer to Krabi city hotel!! The wifi was really bad there, we found a markey so we had lunch and dinner there!!

16.03.19 – 18.03.19

We continued relaxing and kept sleeping in! We also found a mygestic discovery of the ham and chesse toastie from 7 eleven, we kept eating at the market across the road for dinner!! I had sticky rice chicken and roti plus a mango smoothie most nights!!


today we went on a boat cruise, this one took us alot longer to get to! We drove for 1 hour then stopped and drove another 1 hour and maybe 30 minutes!! This one we only went on a long boat!! We hoped aboard and made our way to a kayaking village , they had locals on the kayaks with you to steer the boat so you wouldnt get stuck!!!

From the kayaks we went to the famous James bond Island, where a 1975 movie was filmed!! When we hoped off the long boat I immediately went to explore the caves!! From there I swam in the beach on there other side of the island!! We eventually left to the muslim floating village were we had rice, Chicken, fish and veggies!! It was a very nice!! After this we hoped off the longboat and went to the monkey temple!! This was a Buddhist temple!! Since the main population in Thailand are Buddhist!! Then we went to a waterfall , but since it was in season it was not a actually water fall!!! Then we had a tremendous drive home and then we had dinner then bed time!!!


Today was our last day in krabi!! And all we did was just pack!! Then the other part of the day we were on our electronics! At dinner we went to a new market!! But dad confused the lady so I never got my dinner there!! So I had to get a ham and cheese toastie from 7 eleven!! Then we slept!! and exactly 4 hours kater we woke up!


Today we went to the airport at 4 am , to get our 6 am air asia flight to bangkok , when we landed in bangkok we got our bags and headed to burger king!! I got 10 chicken nuggets, in a combo meal, then we sat around because dad did not lan this well and we had a 2 oclock check in!! Then afetr we sat in burger king for hurs we got a taxi!! Then waited another 2 hours to check in!! We eventually did then we went to a night market and had chicken nuggets and rice


Today we took the mrt and bts to some shopping centre, we eventually ran into Mo and Moshi!! Which so conventiant that I had watched a video on it and I wanted to go there, so we actually got a 10 scoop ice cream!! And we almost ate it all!!! But we didn`t! Eventually we went into a shopping centre called mbk and looked around i got a bag and shorts , we got a taxi home had dinner and bed


Today we did a food tour, we had to catch the bts and mrt again to get there, before the tour we had chicken! When the tour started we first had duck rice and pork!! From there we went to a muslim restaurant then we went to a bakery where we had custrad filled buns! I got to buy a big pack of chocolate chip cookies! Then we went and had fish balls!! I didnt try those as I dont like fish! Then we went and had roti!! And sorbet!! Then we got a grab to home!! Had dinner and went to bed!!!


Today we had a rest day, we swam,relaxed and didn`t do much!! Its nice to rest some days!


Today we did a tour “around bangkok”! We went to a floating market 2 hours out of bangkok! We had to rent a boat and dad wasn`t taking the price so we said we would leave! Then they reduced it and we went around! It was quiet nice, then we went back to the city to the palace! It was really pretty! Then we went back to the hotel and did nothing!



Today we went to helfire pass! We went on a tour with Take me Tours! It was amazing to see this! Our tour guides names were Chain and Nang! We first stopped for a traditional breakfast! Then we got a drink from a cafe! After that we went to Kanchanaburi! Then we went to the muesum! And walked down stairs to the railway! They removed it though many years ago! Then we were meant to get a train but we didnt as we stayed to long! After that we went to the bridge! Over the river Qwai! Then we went for dinner and drove home to bangkok!


Today we had a failed attempt of going to the measeum, we went there to late, so they were about to close! So we went to the mrt and went to a very popular place in the middle of the city! I had dinner and then we got stuck in the going home traffick down at the metro! Then we went to the hotel and went to bed!!!


Today we went to Ayutta, this was the old capital of thailand! But the burmese king wasn`t happy so he took over thailand! Then the thai took it again! Then the Burmese took it again! And then The Thai decided its not worth it! Lets make a new city! And thats how bangkok came to be!! We saw a palace and many temples here! Then we had lunch and headed to bangkok!


Today Willow and dad had a hair cut! Besides that we didn`t do much! Eventually we ate at a budget missonary pad thai place! Mum and Dad enjoyed it! Willow said it was okay! And I got fried rice and chicken wings from a near by place!!


Today we went to the measeum! It had history of Thailand! Most of the history was of buddha! Like buddhas foot print! And more buddha statues! There was also traditional instruments too! I enjoyed it! But then we went home and had dinner then went to sleep!


Today we left Bangkok for Chang Mai! We went on a 10 hour bus and it was really nice!!! There was a charger and the seats reclined really good!!! I slept for 3 hours and there was a us on board! The company is called Green Bus!!


Today we went to some temples! There were 3 of them! One Of them women aren`t allowed to go in, the other won was Historical one and the other one was a normal temple! It was really cool to see them! And we also Saw another one next door! And I also got lost too!!


Today we went on a atv tor with 8 adventures! It was so much fun! We got to have a peak of the elephant nature park before we went! Alot of times people got stuck but it was so much fun! After that we had our lunch that they served! Then we went back to Chang mai, had dinner and slept!!


Today we took a bus to Mae sai a border town in Thailand! It is famous for being a border run town meaning you can cross over into myanmar if your going to spend to much time in Thailand! The limit is 30 days and we weere staying for more than 30 days! So we had to do a border run or pay for 4 visas! We had some dinner and then we went home and slept!


Today we had to go back to Chang mai! From Mae sai and we didn`t do very much!


Today we went to the Chang Mai zoo, that was a bit dodgey. Any way we feed some goats and Giraffes and we went to see a panda! It was really cool to see the Panda as I haven`t seen one since Vienna Zoo which was in 2013, which I was 5 at the time! So it was pretty cool to see the pandas!


Today we went to the Elephant Nature reserve in Chang Mai, we were able to see many elephants! And it was cool getting that close to it! I have never ever really seen a elephant thats close! Or really ever! We also got to feed the elephants! If your going there May I say go for the Bananas and Water melons! They don`t really like pine apple! Mum and willow decided to stay the night so me and dad went home! And got Pizza hutt!!!!!


Today mum and willow cam home from the elephant sancturary!! And I was happy to see them! We enjoyed our breakfast and didn`t do much before they came home! Atleast the wifi was good without them! Then we went to the gate night market for dinner like most nights!


Today we went to a temple in Chang Mai! It had 300 steps and that was not fun!!! I got some nice photos which Im very happy about! I enjoyed the views! And we enjoyed our day! Besides the steps!


Today we did nothing really just pack our suitcases ready to leave!


Today we went from Chang Mai to Chang rai! When we got to Chang Rai we didn`t do very much!!! Besides, get burgers for dinner!!!


Today we went to the white temple!!! And it was beautiful! I really enjoyed visiing it because of all the Arcitecture and may more things! We went into a mini Meuseaum there and had a look around! I very much enjoyed it! The temple was absouloutly beautiful!


Today was the start of song kran! Or in other words the start of the National water fight for Thai New year! We threw water at cars and motor bikes with one of the employees and other guests at the hostel!!! It was lot of fun and It is nothing like easter!


Today was another day of Song Kran! Instead we went down a massive road filled with people! It was fun to throw water at everyone! And we also got free Water! Bonus!!!!


Today we went to The Chang Rai bus station to get a bus to Chiang Khong!! We got wet on the bus as the locals thought it was friendly to wet us!! So don`t wet busses on Song Kran! Its annoying! We got to the bus terminal at Chang Khong and we eventually had to go to our ghost hotel there! There was nobody in there besides 2 workers! Dad thought he saw a ghost there! We were very close to the Laos Thai friend ship bridge leading from the 2 countries! We ended up going to KFC that night for dinner and also stopping at tesco lotus for some food tomorow! Here I come Laos!!!


Today we went over the Border to Laos! I had to fill out a Imigration form and get my visa for Laos! We had to go on a boat down the Mekong river to Pak beng and from the to Luang Prabang! We went down the river slowly stopping at a village on the way seeing a hole bunch of Naked kids! They were all mesmerized into Dads drone that he flew over the village! They were also burning wood that day so it was very smoggy! We eventually landed in Pak beng and we went to our hotel were the tour guide person stayed all the time! We meet up with the people on the boat to have indian for dinner and it was amazing! We ended up going home and sleeping!


Today we left Pak Beng at 7:45 to get to Luang Prabang! We first stopped at the Pak au caves while going down the Mekong! I also found my love for a new game! Exploding Kittens! It’s so much fun! Then we stopped at Lao Lao village!! A whiskey village, all the adults got excited! They tried some whiskey and then we had a look at a temple! Then we landed in Luang Prabang! We got dropped off at our hotel and from there we meet the people from the boat again for dinner! Then Sleepy tight!


We did nothing else besides meet some people for dinner that we met at song kran! We had dinner and talked and we eventually parted ways and went home for a nice sleep in!


We went to dinner at the terrace and man those chicken wings were real Good!!!


Today we went to the Night market and had dinner again!


Today we went to have a cultural dinner! I enjoyed the dance and it was very cool! I didn`t follow the traditional menu! Instead I got chicken balls, more like Affgani Balls!


We today went to the Kuang si falls and may I say will had her first taste of Laos Love, It she meet a boy , and well they got along, any way we went and had a swim in the death cold water! And I jumped off a tree! That was fun!!!

We had dinner at the night market and thats was really nice! We had hot dogs!! We also Meet willows “Friend and his Friends”


Today we didnt do much, All that diary I did today because I was behind! Any way we arent doing much and should be doing Dinner at some were


Today we went on a 5 hour bus From Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng, and in Vang Vieng there was the most dogey hotel ever!!!!! We had to ask for the water to be turned on and a dogey weird dude that got drunk in the middle of the day!


Today we had a stay at home day as some friends I met in Langakawi were here too so we asked if they wanted to come over, and they did and we had dinner with them and then we went to bed!


Today we went to the Blue Lagoon and it was so much fun!!!! I jumped off the top of the tree and man it was scary!!! There were fish in there too and it was kinda gross!


Gosh today we did tubing! And man its disgusting!!! The rocks were bumpy and it just was not fun! I did not like it at all, neither mum or dad did! But we had to as we were half way! And we did it and we went home and used the wifi at home!!!


Today we went from Vang Vieng to Vaintaeine , and we stayed at a nice hotel near the arch there (I dont know the name so sorry) But it was really pretty and I liked it! We didnt do much on the first day so yeah!


Today we went to the Chinese embassy to get our visas and we didnt do much more for the rest of the day!


Today we went up to the top of the Arch and it was so beautiful the views!!! Then we had to go to a Chinese bank were you pay for your visas and have the ticket for them! Then we went to the Chinese embassy, It was closed, Then we went again and BINGO! It was open so we went in there! Got the visas then we went to the Cambodian embassy and payed for our visas! Then we went and had street food!


Today me and Dad got u early so no one would be at the arch and get some amazing pictures! AND IT WAS LABOUR DAY SO THEY HAD A PARADE! At 6am!!!!!! So no good photos but we scored free pepsi! And we went home and I dont remember the rest but I got really emotional that day as I don`t like waking up early!


Today we got our Cambodian Visas and we also went to so Avenger End Game! And It was okay but I cried at the end when It was Tony Stark`s funeral, only because that my natural feeling at a funeral! And THE POPCORN WAS AMAZING!!!!!!


Today we moved Hotels and This one was really pretty!!! I enjoyed the diner there and the Satay Skewers were amazing!!!


This day mum and dad had a walk around town while me and willow stay i the hotel room! We went for chicken that night at a place called Texas chicken and it was goood chicken!!!!!


Today was our last full day so we had a rest day, I spent most day on my laptop in the lobby because the wifi is better!! And we had dinner yet AGAIN! Which was amazing again if your wondering!


Today we left laos to go to Thailand!! And we FOUND 7 ELEVEN!!! We went over the friend ship bridge, and we had street food!


Today we had a rest day and did nothing really!


Today we left Nong Khai for Bangkok, and it was fun! Kinda…


Today we had yet another rest day and we had a nice time!


Today we left for Siem Reap! And I loved Siem Reap!


Today we went to the Angkor wat Museum, It was the National museum that tells you about the Angkor National Park (The temples area) It told you about how they were built the Khmer Dynasty and many more things! We enjoyed it went home, had a swim and then relaxed and went to bed!


Today we went to the Famous angkor wat! And it was beautiful! I enjoyed the sunset and got some amazing pictures! Then we went to Some other Temples, then to the Tomb Rader temple, then home!


Today we did more temples, we explored even more than earlier, than to a butterfly sancturary, from there we went back to the some temples to find a picture I liked, but he wasn`t there! So we went back and went to sleep!


Today we had a rest day as we were very tired! We also did a Cambodian fair and thats was amazing!


Today we did even more temples that I don`t even remember it! We also meet some other bloggers!


Today we had a rest day, and meet our blogger friends again and they were really nice !!!!


Today we left for Badambang! We checked in a went to bed! We also had Kfc for dinner!


Today dad got really sick, so he went to hospital, while he was there I played some roblox, then we went to see him, from there we went to KFC to get lunch, then Dad finally went home and we went to sleep!


Today we went to Phnom Penh! We went to Phnom Penh in a Private car which was TERRIFYING! Any way we went for dinner and then, you guessed it to the hospital, Dad had got some pains again!


Today we didn`t do much because Mum was sick!


We also didn`t do much because Mum was still Sick!


Today we went around the Killing feilds and the S21 Prison! It was a little scary so I didn`t go in very much! Because the place was very Grosum so yeah!


We had another rest day!


Today we moved hotels! And man the new hotel was amazing!

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