Marley loves cute stationery…really loves it. She has everything a little girl could ask for, well until she saw the Other Realm stationery pack that Big W is now stocking. It is some seriously cool stationery if I do say so myself and it is perfect for the mini travellers in the family.

Smash Enterprises sent Marley the Other Realm set to review over the school holidays and to restyle her desk. The home office desk in the lounge ended up getting the makeover so we can all use the cool stationery. School holidays can get boring sometimes so I kept the package hidden so if she was having a boring day we could brighten it up with a desk makeover, so that is why I am helping her write this post.

So what did Marley think of the Other Realm stationery set?

I really really love it, I love all the colours of it and the fact it is very lightweight.

I have saved some of the items so I can use them when I go on my next holiday. The mini pens, envelope folders and the lockable diary are the ones I have put away for my trip. The mini back-pack cases have a little holder on the back of them and it perfectly fits over the handle of my brand new carry on bag! I was so happy when I saw it. I won’t have to pack it away I can just have it ready to go wherever I am.

I love the unicorn eraser and the fluffy ball pens. They go really well with our purple computer that sits on our desk in the lounge room.

My fav bit is the lockable journal and we got 2 so Willow can have one as well! Mum said she has to have the spare key though. I love that it is purple one way and silver the next. I wrote Hi on it when I first got it but now it had a love heart on it.

What is in the Other Realm Stationery Set?

Smash A4 Envelope Folder 3 Pack                                                                     $6.00
Smash A5 50 Page Spiral Notebook 2 Pack                                                        $6.00
Smash Pink Unicorn Shape Paper Clips 12 Pack                                                $3.00
Smash Lockable Sequin Diary                                                                             $8.00
Smash Unicorn Eraser                                                                                         $3.00
Smash 30cm Slap Band Ruler (2 designs available)                                           $3.00
Smash Unicorn Stick Notes                                                                                 $3.00
Smash Unicorn 50 Page Notebook                                                                     $3.00
Smash Glitter Pens 10 Pack – Mini                                                                      $5.00
Smash Backpack Pencil Case (2 designs available)                                           $8.00
Smash Pom Pom Pen (2 designs available)                                                        $2.50
Smash B5 64 Pages Exercise Book 3 Pack                                                         $6.00
Smash Clipboard Notepad Set with Pen                                                               $5.00
Smash Unicorn Sharpener                                                                                    $3.00
Smash Unicorn Stationery Set – Mini                                                                     $8.00

*Mum’s note…As you can see it is great value for money and the best bit with the Other Realm being available at Big W now you can pop in over the school holidays for this cute stationery set and then add to it over the school term!

Marley’s Top Tips
  • Keep the mini pens in the little holder they come in then they won’t get lost
  • The Glitter Diary is a MUST!
  • The moulding rubbers are fun to play with, just remember to put them back in the container so they don’t dry out.
  • My mum puts the pom pom pen in her bun so she always has a pen…it looks cute in her hair
  • The mini pack pack goes over my suitcase. Now I won’t lose it!

Thank you Smash Enterprises and Big W for making my holidays fun with my desk makeover. I hope everyone gets to have a piece of the Other Realm to make their desk look awesome.




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