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All about Iceland

Hi Guys, it's Marley aged 9 hope you like my newest blog post on Iceland. How expensive is Iceland !? Iceland is very very expensive. Iceland is made of volcanic rock which makes it impossible to grow fruit, veggies, feed animals and supply food on the island! This is...

10 foods i want to try in South Korea

I am obsessed with most things Korean. So these are some of the foods that I really want to try when on our huge trip to Europe and Asia in 2019. I was recently told after begging my parents for weeks to go to Korea or Japan that we would be able to go. I really...

Top Ten Kids Attractions In Victoria Australia!

Number 10 !!! Enchanted adventure Garden !! The Enchanted Adventure Garden is located on the Mornington Penisula! We had a lot of fun on their awesome tree surfing program! You can go on levels and zip line off it at the end! I only went to level 2, But there are more...

Ramada Resort Phillip Island

The Ramada resort in Phillip Island is Spectacular! We stayed there for 3 nights on the weekend in August.  We had a Comfturble, Relaxing 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom Cabin.You had a calming, soothing Plants in front of your cabin which made it connect with nature. You...

My point of view of travelling

Traveling as a kid is well, different. When I was five years of age It was like, well I disliked it a lot, number one thing I hated then is walking, did not help at all !! Back then we did not use trains that much we use them a little more now, but my favourite thing...

Wyld Child Travel

Hi, I am Willow aged 12, and I am Marley aged 9. This is our website. We were inspired to start our own travel site after watching Mum & Dad work on Wyld Family Travel. The spelling may not always be perfect, we may not know all the details but we love Travelling and telling people about it!

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