Hi Guys, it’s Marley aged 9 hope you like my newest blog post on Iceland.

How expensive is Iceland !?

Iceland is very very expensive. Iceland is made of volcanic rock which makes it impossible to grow fruit, veggies, feed animals and supply food on the island! This is one of the reasons why it is very expensive but everything you want to see there is just nature so all that is free, so food, stock and accommodation is really the only worry unless you buy lots of souvenirs they are expensive.

What To do ??

What to do in iceland for kids well…If your kids are into¬†nature there are a lot of things, Hahaha!! My fav was the northen lights tour , we did not to get to see them but they looked so pretty in the photos! It takes a long time to get there because they don’t know where they are! So you just drive around waiting for them to show up somewhere.¬† We also went on a walking tour around the city and looking at the parliament house and the church .You can take walks around in the nature and have a look at the nature !!

Marley looking out over Reykjavik harbour

Some facts you need to know !

Since most of the things you want to see are nature , you have to drive a long way out of Reykjavik to get to them. I’ll tell you the towns are so far apart and they take a good 10-15 minutes to get to the next town! Even though they are a long long travel you can get some of the most prettiest pictures you have ever seen, we just stopped on the side of the road heaps to take pictures! Most of you would know this but in winter there is hardly any daylight and in summer there is only 1 hour of dark ! So its realy hard because you want the sun but you want to sleep !

Different types of tours!

There are a lot of tours you can do in Iceland. You can do a Northern lights tour with Grayline like we did. It can take a long time sometimes but the photos look amazing ! You can do a city walking tour around where you get led around the city and look at all the places while the guy tells you all about the stuff you are looking at and funny stories about things they remember. Then you can do a Bus tour around the city, you go to restaurants and go to the outskirts of the city and explore the magical place!

Hope you Enjoyed ! See you later bye !!!!!!!!






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