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Most of the time when you book flights you look at the reviews, especially parents! As they need to know what is best for there kids, if the staff will be nice, and of course entertainment wise!

Well fear not!! I’m here to tell you what my honest review for air asia was, and Im a kid so I’ll tell you if I though it was good for kids, and adults!! I hope you enjoy and well, here we go!!

The Air craft!

Air Asia is a budget Airline which means it won’t be top notch! But air asia as very nice seats, if your tall, this might not be for you as there is not much leg room! But this is why Air Asia has hot seats which give more leg room!

To be honest the chairs are comfy, but they aren’t the best after 8 hours, we had to fly Melbourne Avalon to Kuala Lumpur terminal 2, you also need to pay for in fligh entertainment as they are not built in, they are Ipads.

Over all though Its nice the air craft, but I think that long flights might be stretched for us kids, it was quite difficult that flight, the aircraft is also clean and well presented, nothing looked to dirty and thtats a big plus, over all I would give the aircraft a 8/10!
The staff!
On Air Asia I feel all the staff are polite and are very kind, I haven’t been on a single flight werw they have been rude! Or plane out right nasty, haha get it, plane! They are all so kind, I would have to admit though, most airlines have nice staff that always smiles, as they wouldn’t hire some one rude for a job that serves people, but Air Asia’s crew are outstanding!

~ Down the Isle! ~


Okay this one, the flight entertainment isn’t the best ever, but its still good! You only have the option for a Ipad on long flights! They don’t have many movies either! But if your kid like Crazy Rich Asians (the movie of course) your all set as they had it on there!

Most of the little kids movies were in Malaysian ir Other Asian Languages, besides that they have a travel book on diffrent parts of asia, I most of the time skid through that on a 1-3 hour flight, and there’s also looking out the window! Thats pretty cool still! Even though Im almost 11 I can’t stop taking photos out the window!! Thats something I look forward too!

The food!!!!!!

This gets its own session, as may I say! THE FOOD IS AMAZING! I have travelled since I was 5 years old and this air line is tying with Qatar Air ways! And Qatar aren’t even a budget airline!!! Anyway the air asia food options are literally unlimited,

Im not kidding theres something there fir fussy eaters! ( Im a fussy eater) They have chicken rice , chicken terriyaki and even more!! They have desserts, a girl I met said the red velvet cake on air asia was amazing!! The food is good! Thumbs Up!!
I would like to say Air Asia is by far In my top 2, Airlines! I wonder who can guess my favourite airline! Any way, this is in no way shape of form sponsored by Air Asia, this is a %100 honest review by me! And I would like to say, this is a kid friendly airline! Thank for reading and good day and good bye!!!ReplyReply AllForwardEdit as new

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