We went on a tour with Bali customized tours to a waterfall. We didn’t go straight to the waterfall, we had a driver drop us off at a rice terrace and had a local guide take us to a small waterfall that is used as a natural waterslide and went on that a few times, mum screamed so much as she went down it was hilarious.

Bali swing

We then walked from there to a bigger waterfall that was extremely dirty, usually you can jump in it but it was too murky and we had gotten changed so we couldn’t jump; we then saw another waterfall which was a holy waterfall that was rice water we walked over it to get to the place the 3 waterfalls meet.

Bali rice terraces

Mum and I went down many steps to get to the place the 3 waterfalls meet our guide said it was 700 steps down and back, Marley and dad didn’t go down so it was just mum, the guide and i. We went to a waterfall where 2 met up first, it felt as if it were raining, it was gorgeous and we took some amazing photos there; we then headed over to the other 3 waterfalls, they were called Fiji waterfalls but I can’t remember what the first one was called.

Bali gate

While we were walking from the first one to the Fiji waterfalls mum had a sudden realisation that we then had to climb back up the stairs… She then told me and we agreed that it may take a couple hours to get up; Fiji waterfalls were gorgeous and we took some amazing photos of the waterfalls and the landscape around it.

Bali waterfall

We had to stop quite a couple times on the way back up to catch our breaths as some of the stairs were like 2 stairs, it took us a while to get up (not a couple hours maybe 15 minutes) but when we were at the top we were puffing and panting as if we just climbed a mountain (which we kind of did) and then were told there were more steps to climb to get to the place the motorbikes were gonna pick us up from.

rock water slide

The motorbike ride was so much fun Marley was scared out if her mind and had her face buried into my back the whole way; when we got to the restaurant mum and I shared a chicken peanut satay and rice then Marley and I went on one of the famous Balinese swings over the rice terraces, it was an amazing view you could see the faint outline of the ocean in between the mountains and I can’t put into words how serene it was.

We got a ride on the motorbikes in the pouring rain back to where our driver was this time Marley wasn’t on the motorbike with me I was with our tour guide. It was about an hour back to Udud from the rice terraces, I didn’t see too much coming back as I slept most of the way back. We all had so much fun on the tour and we really do recommend Bali Customized Tours.

Please find below 2 more article from Willow and Marley for you to read. Just remember we are kids and the spelling and grammer may not be perfect but we try our best

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