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Who are Wyld Child Travel

Wyld Child Travel is Marley Wyld & Willow Wyld

Marley and Willow have been dragged around Australia and Europe by their parents Mark and Bec creators of the Wyld Family Travel blog. Willow was born in 2005 and first went travelling as a 10-month-old spending 6 weeks in Europe. Marley got a taste of travelling in Australia first on numerous trip up the east coast of Australia before going to Europe as a 5-year-old for the first time.

What Marley Wyld has to say: As a little kid travelling was never ideal to me, I started travelling at the age of 5 and still continue to travel. All of these years I’ve been caring around a doll named old doll. I got here as my first ever doll and has been everywhere we go. If you are very familiar with Wyld Family Travel she has been mentioned a lot. I think there is a post just about her and her adventures  Marley.

What Willow Wyld has to say: I originally started travelling when I was around 6 months old. I never really wanted to leave home because I’d be leaving my friends and family behind but after we got in the air it didn’t bother me as much. I love travelling and looking at other peoples views on events that happened recently or years ago. Willow.


Things you should bring in a carry on!

Going on a plane many times is stress-full but you get all the tips and tricks here are some of these tips to make your flight 100% Better!!!!!!!!! 8!!!! A blanket! If on a plane and you see some blankets and you say "Yay! At least I have a blanket!" But seriously!...

Cool stationery for mini travellers

  Marley loves cute stationery...really loves it. She has everything a little girl could ask for, well until she saw the Other Realm stationery pack that Big W is now stocking. It is some seriously cool stationery if I do say so myself and it is perfect for the mini...

My top 5 Favourite Countries !!

My name is Marley Wyld. I am a 9-year-old traveller. I have travelled the east coast of Australia and over 20 countries in Europe. I love going to school, watching YouTube and playing netball. My parents who have a website at Wyld Family Travel inspired me to...

Where are we now!

Where are we ?

Where are we now!

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