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Who are we?

We are Willow and Marley

Our travels are born out of our parents desires to see the world and drag us with them. One town, one city, one country at a time. Our Dad often says ‘Its far too easy to think where you live is how the world is’

Experiencing different cultures, languages, foods, religions and customs can teach us far more than we will ever learn in a classroom.

Join us as we travel the world one article at a time. Just beware our spelling is not perfect, but we try.



Our Travel plans

2019 plans

2019 sees us leaving Australia in January for Indonesia and 3 weeks in Bali. From there the whole year will be full of travel visiting such places as Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, China, Kazakstan, France, Wales, Germany and much more!


Always Learning

Long Term Travel


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The latest articles from the blog!

Air Asia: Is it good for kids?

Most of the time when you book flights you look at the reviews, especially parents! As they need to know what is best for there kids, if the staff will be nice, and of course entertainment wise! Well fear not!! I'm here to tell you what my honest review for air asia...

A day out with Bali Customized Tours

We went on a tour with Bali customized tours to a waterfall. We didn't go straight to the waterfall, we had a driver drop us off at a rice terrace and had a local guide take us to a small waterfall that is used as a natural waterslide and went on that a few times, mum...

What is Kuta Beach like?

Kuta is a famous area in bali known to have many tourists there every year! Every-one says (most people) Don`t leave the hotel room or only go to the beach, But what is that beach really like, the Famous Kuta beach. What is it like, here today I tell YOU! The truth of...

Who are our parents:

Our parents are Mark & Bec. They run a successful travel blog called Wyld family Travel. They help us run this blog and assist with our posting on Facebook, Instagram and the website. They try and leave our writing and spelling as original to us as possible. This is why you will see spelling and pronunciation mistakes throughout our posts.

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